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Empire City Treasures Collection Rings

Experience the essence of grandeur with the Empire City Treasures Collection Rings, where the timeless allure of New York City is transformed into breathtaking masterpieces. Each ring in this extraordinary collection is meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of the Empire City, capturing its vibrant energy and architectural magnificence. Adorned with exquisite gemstones and intricate details, these treasures evoke a sense of awe-inspiring beauty that echoes the city's iconic landmarks. Embrace the legacy of New York as you don these extraordinary rings, allowing them to become cherished symbols of your own personal empire. With the Empire City Treasures Collection Rings, immerse yourself in a world where elegance and sophistication reign supreme, and let your jewelry become a testament to the magnificent spirit of the Empire City.

  • Metal Type And Color: 18K Rose Gold
  • Metal Weight: 4.60 gm
  • Gemstone: Magnificent diamonds
  • Diamond Weight: 0.60 Ct
  • Reference No: KLR-6662

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Empire City Treasures Collection Rings


Care Instructions

  • Pristine Elegance: Our jewelry deserves the utmost care. Prepare a solution of lukewarm water and a gentle, phosphate-free liquid detergent. Avoid abrasive substances that could compromise its allure.
  • Enchanting Immersion: Immerse your cherished pieces in the delicate solution for a brief period, allowing it to embrace and rejuvenate every intricate detail.
  • Gentle Caress: Employ a brush with soft bristles, meticulously attending to every curve and crevice. With grace and precision, remove any lingering impurities to reveal the radiance within.
  • Akin to Dewdrops: Rinse the jewelry under a gentle stream of water, tenderly washing away any remnants of the cleansing solution. Be mindful of the water's flow, ensuring the jewelry's security.
  • Patience and Poise: Carefully pat your jewelry dry with a luxurious, lint-free cloth. Embrace each piece delicately, like a precious gem, and let the cloth absorb any lingering moisture.
  • Brilliance Reawakened: Embrace the art of restoration. Employ a specialized jewelry polishing cloth, designed to honor the golden glow of your treasures. Caress each facet, unveiling their captivating luminosity.
  • Diamond's Enchantment: Our diamonds, enchanting and timeless, require their own devotion. Periodically, immerse your jewelry in a bath of mild ammonia and water, allowing their inner brilliance to flourish. Brush them tenderly, each stroke unveiling their celestial allure.
  • Celestial Cleansing: Rinse your jewelry under a gentle stream of water, bidding farewell to the alchemical union of ammonia and water. Ensure each diamond sparkles anew, untouched by residue.
  • Treasured Abode: Safeguard your precious jewels in an opulent sanctuary. Store them within a jewelry box adorned with sumptuous fabrics, cherishing each piece's individual allure. Shield them from the elements, honoring their intrinsic worth.


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